Hali lets me learn at my own speed.  She lets me groom the ponies even when I don't feel like riding.


Hali Thank you so much for working with my grandkids. Both Jovian and Ju'Lisa were very much afraid of the ponies, and animals in general. You have gotten both of them on Flash and their smiles are something not to be forgotten. With your patience you were able to get both of them on and enjoying themselves. Jovian liked everything from getting Flash ready to ride to washing him down after the lesson. Jo is only two and can't wait to come back to ride. Ju'Lisa is going to take a little more work but I think she looks forward to riding again also. Thanks again. This has made a big difference in their life and mine also. Marsha

Hali, Thanks for the lessons with my daughter, but more important thanks for providing a wholesome and family environment that my daughter just can't wait to attend. Your tame horses and patient teaching style allow even the parents to enjoy your lessons.


Just wanted to send you and your mom an email to say thank you so much for the wonderful afternoon at your ranch. All the kids had such a great time and all of us parents and grandparents so appreciated the care and time you took teaching the kids about how you care for the ponies. You guys truly have something special there and we hope to visit again soon.

On behalf of Emma, the birthday girl, a very special thanks for making her day extra special. We didn’t tell her we were coming so the whole thing was a surprise. She had the time of her life!

Thank you again.

Lisa Haddad
My name is Dayna, I'm 16 and I've been riding with Hali for about 7 years. I've tried other barns and honestly, there isn't one better than Stardust. I've learned so much here and I always look forward to coming out to the barn. I've become a great rider and it's all thanks to Hali. All the ponies are AMAZING. They all are super sweet and fun to ride. I love it here and Hali is the best trainer. Thank you Hali for everything you do for me!!! You are my inspiration!!!! :)
- Dayna James

When my son turned 5, he was diagnosed with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, which a rare temporary degenerative hip problem that happens in young children. The orthopedic surgeon told us we would have to restrict all high impact activities. He told us that horse back riding was one of the best activities to help restore strength and range of motion to his hip joint. I chose Stardust Pony Dreams because I liked that they used ponies for their lessons and that they had a lot of experience working with young children. From the start, Hali was open to learning about the disease and tailoring my son lesson based on what he needed to help with his hip, such as riding bareback and incorporating leg stretches and strengthening exercises during the lesson. She has shown so much patience throughout my sons ups and downs of learning the completely new skill of riding and caring for the ponies. My son has grown to really enjoy his time there and has been so proud of his accomplishment of being able to ride all on his own. Since we started our lessons, my sons core strength is better and the range of motion in his hip has improved. I'm very happy to see my son improving and having fun while doing it! Thanks Hali!



I researched many, many trainers before I chose Stardust Ponies trainer,  Hali Durand.  When I went to visit the facility what I was most impressed with was the ponies themselves.  It was obvious they were well cared for and loved.  I am a horse lover and the welfare of the horses at any facility is of utmost importance to me.  I was choosing a trainer for my granddaughter and it was imperative to find someone who not only was a great teacher but who had a connection with children and young people.  I found all this with Hali,  the trainer at StarDust.  The horses at this facility NEVER have to be  "caught".  They love the children and their jobs so much they greet you when you go to get them in the pasture.  You notice I said pasture as these horses are never left in a stall,  they are allowed to be in a herd situation,  in pastures,  which makes for happy happy horses.  Having said that, I've also seen Hali and her Mom, Amy,  rush around to get an extra stall made so all horses will be cosy and warm when the storms hit.  Hali gives so much time and attention to the students it's amazing.  I have watched my granddaughter become a beautiful accomplished rider under her care and instruction.  This is not a facility where you are rushed in, put on a horse,  with an "hours up" mentality.  This is a place where your children are taught horsemanship, courage and the correct way to sit a horse and ride.  Hali expects hard work and dedication from her students and in return she gives them time, love, understanding, encouragement, and some of the best training and instruction I have ever seen.  We are thrilled we found Hali,  her mom Amy,  and all the wonderful horses who take such good care of my granddaughter who is realizing her dream of becoming an accomplished rider.  Thank You Hali and Star Dust Ponies    -  Cathie -

                 Riding at Stardust Pony Dreams

                        By Emma

            My name is Emma  and I am eleven years old.   I have been riding horses English Style since I was about five years old, but I did not ride weekly, I only rode for one week in the summer, every day, at a horse camp. Now I ride every Friday at four o?clock at this fun filled place, Stardust Pony Dreams.  The trainers name is Hali Durand and she is the best trainer and friend EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My favorite horse there is Secret Spice or Cinnamon, but I call him Cinny.  I absolutely love to ride him and a lot of the other horses at Stardust. I think one of the best things about Stardust, other than the trainer, is the relationship you make with the horses, ponies, and the other riders.  This summer I went to my first horse show and I had a blast!  I rode Secret Weapon, Flash for short, on the flat and in the Hunter Jumping classes. 

            In a typical lesson Hali starts me out warming up at the relaxed walk and then has me trot.  After I have been doing that for about 15 minuets or so she will ask me to do something that is different every time.  For example a lead change across the center of the arena, get into two point or trot without stirrups.  And on some days she just tells me to go strait to the canter.  After that I walk for about five to ten minuets. Then comes the fun part, JUMPING!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE TO JUMP!!!!!  Hali will then tell me to warm up trotting over a cross rail.  After I do that a couple times she has me canter it.  As I am doing that she instructs me to ? put your heals down, look ahead, arch your back and close your fingers?.  After I jump that good a couple times she will have me jump a course.  And she instructs me to do the same thing as when I am warming up.  After a couple of times of doing that and doing it well I cool down the horse or pony I am riding at the relaxed walk.  Sometimes at the end of the lesson when other people are riding we go on a trail ride or ride for fun, meaning we are goofing around or just sitting on the horse?s backs talking. Not including the tacking up, taking the tack off, grooming and on hot days rinsing the horses or ponies off with water,  that is what I do at a typical lesson.  I always learn something new when I ride at Stardust Pony Dreams.

            I highly recommend going to Stardust pony Dreams if you want to learn how to ride horses or ponies English Style.  I love riding there and Hali, the trainer, is not only your trainer but will also be your best friend! I love riding horses and hope to do it all of my life!!!

I love going to halis place and riding her adorable horses cinny and tibster.Tibster is a great jumper and so is cinny.Aren't horses just adorable and fun to ride? - bethany